Winnitex – Hong Kong

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Passion for textiles is Winnitex’s driving force. Winnitex sets high standards for itself and always strives to be better in all areas, from customer service, R&D, quality to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Winnitex is a family-owned business that begin in Hong Kong in 1964 with a humble operation of 50 people. Now 50 years later with three generations, we have over 3000 people serving customers from all over the world.

Woven cotton and cotton blend fabric is the focus. However, through different yarns, compositions, weaves and finishes, they have created a wide array of products suitable for many customers, ranging from chic ladieswear and comfortable menswear to high tech functional apparel and durable uniform.

Winnitex prides itself for being reliable and responsible to its suppliers, customers and employees. The company may change with the landscape of the industry, but their high values and strong integrity remain steadfastly unchanged.