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Mr. Wang Limin is Chairman and General Manager of Huafang Co., Ltd., the largest dyeing and finishing company in China.

Huafang Co., Ltd. applies a number of advanced technologies for printing, dyeing & finishing, as well as on-line monitoring system. The company has made great progress in low-footprint production by adopting “Waste Water Treatment & Recycling Technology”, “CFM Automatic Purification Treatment Technology”, etc.

In recent years, Huafang has successfully upgraded facilities with energy consumption by heat insulation technique, and implemented cold pad batch dyeing and low temperature bleaching processes for cotton, which greatly reduces consumption of resources and emission of pollutants.

The Research Center of energy Conservation and Emission Reduction was awarded the Certificate of Product Carbon Footprint by ITS.

The waste water treatment plant is able to meet the requirement of 100% qualified disposal and 60% qualified recycling, which saves consumption of water up to 3 million tons per year.

As a model of Energy Saving and Emission Reduction, Huafang is authorized by China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as one of the first group of qualified dyeing and finishing companies in China.