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Research and development into more responsible farming practices is ongoing. Over the coming decades cotton will continue to play an important role in serving the world’s growing population, through responsible production.

Companies and organizations can get involved in the Cotton LEADS™ program by supporting and participating in research projects at the field level, disseminating best practices, and creating partnerships for continuous improvement in cotton production around the globe. Research projects exist for a variety of topics such as water stewardship, land and soil conservation, and pest management.  Beyond agriculture, research projects to measure and improve the water, energy and chemical impacts of textile processing are underway.

First conducted in 2012, the Cotton Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) provided a global comprehensive inventory of data relating to cotton production and textile manufacturing. The associated Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) utilized global LCI data to present a comprehensive cradle-to-grave examination of representative cotton products, specifically knit golf shirts and woven pants. In 2015, the study will be expanded to include Australian cotton production as well as impact-reducing textile manufacturing processes.

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We are contacting manufacturers who are Cotton LEADS™ partners to participate in the study.  Manufacturers would provide data confidentially so that aggregate estimates of cotton’s water, energy and chemical use can be estimated accurately.  If you would like to get involved with the LCA or learn how you can support other research projects, please contact the Cotton LEADS™ program.

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