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To become a Cotton LEADS™ partner, simply contact the Cotton LEADS™ program to let us know you are committed to responsibly-produced cotton and wish to become a partner.  Upon approval by the Operating Committee, each party will sign the Commitment to Cotton and your organization will be included in the Cotton LEADS™ program and will receive full recognition for your support.

Partners who choose to become more involved can donate funds support activities under the Cotton LEADS™ program and contribute to continuous improvement in responsible cotton production.  If your organization is interested in this level of involvement, please contact the Cotton LEADS™ program.

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We, the signatories and founding members of the Cotton LEADS™ program, recognize the need to advance the supply and use of responsibly-produced cotton through international and national efforts. We commit to the five core principles of the Cotton LEADS™ program as the foundation for an effective program that fosters the ability of supply chain entities to meet the world’s demand for responsibly-produced cotton. We support the use of cottons from the Cotton LEADS™ program in our supply chain.

Partner Benefits

There are many benefits for retailers, brands & manufacturers:

  • Confidence that your cotton is responsibly produced.
  • Transparency and traceability in the supply chain.
  • An ample, year-round supply of cotton qualities to meet manufacturing needs.
  • No membership fees, added costs, or price distortions in the supply chain.
  • No requirement to buy a minimum of Australian or U.S. cotton.
  • Recognition for joining member countries and other Cotton LEADS™ Partners in their commitment to continual improvement and responsible cotton production.

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